RJ’s Free Book Buying Binge, April 7, 2017

I really enjoy Danielle Bourdon's royal romance books. In December 2015, I bought six books of this one series. I had a formatting issue, which was kinda taken care of… and then I read the ones in cloud reader because well, I couldn't read them on my kindle. (Because reasons.)

I decided I wanted to read them on the kindle, so started a customer service nightmare. As part of the troubleshooting process, Amazon had me deregister my kindle. My library has more than 1,400 books. I haven't used collections for favorite books at this point in time. Let's just say I started building these collections today, but when faced with having to download 1,400 fucking books one at a fucking time, I'm so frustrated there's only one thing left to do: add more books to the pile.

You heard me. I'm making my problem even worse. So, fuck it. More books to my collection.

Maybe I'll find another new favorite author–or at least make my KU membership do more for me.

I am still on a royal romance kick, so I'm going to start there, trying to find ones I don't already have.

Keyword: Royal Romance Princess

Go ahead and mock me for my guilty pleasure, but I really like royal romances. I especially like the royal romances where it's about the relationship and people and not about the sex. Yes, I realize I'm basically looking for the holy grail. I don't care. I like them.

P.S.: I have totally written an urban fantasy royal romance, but I haven't typed it up yet. I'm also writing the Serial Killer Princess Magical Romantic Comedy book. I write what I want to read damn it!!!!

I would like to mention I have read none of these books. I already had one from a long time ago–it was the one I was curious enough to click. Still not curious enough to read it yet, but there you have it.

Two new acquisitions, one I had purchased in my last binge, and one I skipped. This keyword worked for me! I could basically walk away now happy. But I won't, because where's the fucking fun in that?

P.S.: The Royal Wedding Night was my reject. I totally checked the description, and it was even worse than I thought from the cover. But if you enjoy erotica with an audience, hey, maybe it's for you. Huge pass for me, though.

I regret everything ever about checking all of these books. I regret everything.

I didn't get any of them. Ew, ew, I need bleach. I need bleach. THERE BE DANGER HERE.

Fortunately for me, that's almost the entirety of that keyword's offerings. Moving on! Thank you, moving on. Unfortunately, I'm moving on to the princes. Hopefully this won't be too scary…

Keyword: Royal Romance Prince

No screenshots this time, as it's mostly the same sort of thing although with a much larger selection. On the first 2 pages, I've found 7 books of potential interest. I have also found some scary, scary books.

As promised, a mini review of a book I've read and liked!

Alexander & Rebecca: This is one of my favorite royal romances, as I like both of the main characters, the circumstances of their relationship are believable, and they fit so well together. There are things I didn't like about the book, of course, but the good far outweigh the bad. <3

And I washed out there. Either smut (not interested), really scary looking smut (really not interested), or books that just don't interest me. P.S.: Of the 7 books of potential interest, I had 2 and the others scared me off.

Keyword: Romantic Fantasy (restrained to ‘Fantasy' category in kindle store.)

Because smut authors like to put fantasy to mean sexual, I have restrained this category to spare me some of the smut. I don't have much faith I will really be spared, but there you have it. I tried.

The first thing I have noticed is a remarkable lack of abs and ass. This is promising. Very promising. However, the star ratings of these books fill me with a bit of dread. I'm scared. Who knew shopping for free books to try could be so dangerous?

I am telling myself I have found some of my favorite authors this way. I can do this. I can do this!

I have gotten a few books from this keyword, and I don't have anything that horrific to report! This worked smashingly well! I bought one book because the cover art is just that gorgeous.

I mean, look at that cover! Look at the font! Look at the color choices! This is a beautiful cover. I love it, so I got it. I hope the book is even half as beautiful as the cover, because seriously. This cover!

This cover alone made it worth checking out.

For future reference, the restraining keywords to categories is awesome and I will forever be doing this. Unless I'm looking for cheap laughs, then fuck that shit. I'm going all out with awful keywords just to see how bad it can get. But for a serious search for new books to read? Keyword bondage it is.

At this point in my search, I have acquired 7 new titles to read.

I feel better now.

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katje says May 19, 2017

Lisa Blackwood is awesome! And…she has a lot of what I’d call royals… there’s a phoenix prince, a Dead King, some queens here and there… 😀

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