Upcoming Changes to Website & Newsletter

Hi, folks!

For most of my writing career, my blog has been the primary way I've connected with readers. I enjoy blogging, but let's face it, I'm not very consistent with it. So, I'm making some changes. In the future, all sneak peeks, special release announcements, and many of the extra goodies I often put on my blog will be showing up in my VIP newsletter. News about sales will still be announced on my blog, as well as some things, but my cat volunteered to operate my newsletter, so I'm letting her do it.

What you will find on my blog is very similar to what is already here, but with more of a focus on books, from reviews to writing methods, random things of interest, and anything else I feel like sharing.

If you're already part of my new release mailing list, you'll have a chance to sign up to the VIP list from there, too.

My newsletter will drop every two weeks plus on release days. It'll include a giveaway roundup of the coolest giveaways I've found (all of them about books, because I like books) and other fun stuff!

The new release mailers will still contain short stories as usual. The newsletter I release every two weeks will include some piece of writing, be it a teaser from an unreleased book, a short story, or anything else I feel like including.

Thanks for your time, folks!

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Toni Thomas says November 22, 2017

Two cats, retired teacher, beta reader, online marketer, Loves to read and review on Amazon. Divorced, 73 female.

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