My novels are now available at most merchants!

I recently wrote about why I was pulling out the Kindle Unlimited program. At the recommendation of a colleague, I emailed Amazon and requested to be removed from the program, and they granted my request. As a result… my books are now all available wide.

One thing some of you may have noticed is that the original Tales of the Winter Wolf stories are no longer available for sale. I've combined them into the main omnibus, which I've priced at a fair price for the length of the stories.

In short, the separate volumes cluttered my store pages, they weren't selling well (as most people were just buying the omnibus anyway,) and it looks so much nicer this way. As the stories are so interconnected, and essentially form a novel when strung together, they're best sold as one volume for all they were released in small, bite-sized pieces.

Future anthologies I do won't suffer from this syndrome quite as much. (Have I mentioned Dustin is getting his own anthology? I've already done a lot of writing of short stories and novellas from this perspective, and I'll be serializing a Dustin-centric novel throughout his anthologies.) I will eventually combine all of the serialized novel bits into a novel, but those who acquire the anthologies will get to read it first. They'll be priced at $2.99.

So, without further ado, here's the books, where you can find them… and Silver Bullet's preorder for epub is now available!

Silver Bullet PreOrderiBooks | Nook | Kobo

Note: I will not be doing a preorder on Amazon. Sorry. Amazon has very strict rules on preorders, zero flexibility, and… unless the book is ready way in advance, I simply can't justify doing a preorder. So, if you'd like to support this book, please preorder from another vendor–or wait for my awesome newsletters where my cats will amuse you.

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2: Winter Wolf: iBooks |NookKobo | Amazon

3: Blood Diamond: iBooks |NookKobo | Amazon

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