A Game of Cats: Kate & Curran vs Jane & Bruiser

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In a game of cats, you win, or you're brutally murdered by the competition in a lovers vs lovers death match.

I get bored. I'm a cat. It's inevitable. The Understudy, despite her normally innocent appearances, gets bored, too.

We have joined forces to bring you our favorite fantasy couples… and face them off in a death match.

We're cats. Were you really expecting something lovey-dovey here?

Today, I have picked Kate and Curran from the Kate Daniels series to be my champions.

The Understudy has picked Jane and Bruiser from the Jane Yellowrock series to be her champions.

Obviously, Kate and Curran win, right? I mean… Kate has her sword and Curran is a CAT. Cats always win.

… my Understudy is glaring at me, and insists I remind everyone that Jane is a CAT, and therefor she must win.

Look, Understudy. Kate's so badass she can screw around with the blood of her enemies. No, I don't care that Jane can rip people apart with her claws.

Jane needs rocks to transform–and body parts. Curran just bursts out of his clothes in a sexy display of lion rage. And Kate has a sword. Of course Kate and Curran win!

The human interrupts this game of cats for a special message to the subscribers.

I'm so sorry. They're hissing at each other and the fur is already flying. Who do you think should win this death match?

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Al Ammons says September 15, 2017

Kate and Curran. Big cats trump just about everything else.

    RJBlain says September 15, 2017

    Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Tia of the Felines, heartily approves.

    The Understudy, however, is hissing and thinks Jane’s a plenty big kitty, too!!

Jack Flynn says September 15, 2017

Kate and Vuttan for the win!

Terre says September 15, 2017

It has to be Jane!

Emily says September 16, 2017

Kate and curran, obviously. There is a choice?’

Erin says September 17, 2017

Kate and Curran. Of course. 😉

Diane D. says October 16, 2017

I like Jane (and of course Beast) and Bruiser’s tough to kill, too, but I’m sorry, it’s no contest. Kate and Curran would definitely win!

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