I need your help: an announcement regarding my June bestseller run.

Royals saved the United States when magic tore the union apart. Under the rule of sixteen monarchies, America has risen from its own ashes and returned to its place as a global power.

In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life–and love–always finds a way.

Like the other men in Prince Kelvin's line, only the love of another can set him free from his family's curse, but it's hard finding the perfect woman able to love him despite all his flaws–and his tendency to transform into a white turkey during the spring. If he wants to survive and reclaim his humanity, he must find someone who would turn the world upside down for him, not because of fame, wealth, or power but because he has earned her trust and affection.

When he develops an unhealthy case of infatuation for the huntress wanting him as her next trophy, his curse may be his salvation, if he can convince the wild woman of the woods to see him for who he is rather than the beast he has become.

The Susan Copperfield novels are urban fantasy with a twist. They're action-adventure. They're royal romances. They're supernatural suspense. They're paranormal. They're contemporary. They're a little (okay, a lot) over the top, and they're fun.

If you took the Witch & Wolf novels, rolled them into a ball, and smushed them into the Magical Romantic Comedy novels, you'd be a little closer to the Royal States novels. The Royal States novels are a wee bit more serious than the Magical Romantic Comedy stories, but they're (often) lighter than the Witch & Wolf books.

They're fun. In places, there's darkness and shadows. There's romance (but like with my other novels, you won't find actual sex on the page, although you'll find an open discussion of sexuality, innuendo, and jokes aplenty.)

So, please come join me on a magical, thrilling adventure.

Huntress will release on June 19, 2018, and I'm going to be attempting an unconventional bestseller run, and I need all the help I can get. When most people go for a bestseller run nowadays, they're doing it one of several ways.

1: They have the backing of tens of thousands of hardcore fans because they're already popular. (Not me.)

2: They have $15,000-$20,000 to spend. (Also not me.)

3: They're super popular on social media and can gather an army of minions. (Also not me.)

4: They have a lucky horseshoe crammed so far up their ass I bow to their awesomeness. (Also… so not me.)

So, I have to do this the unconventional way.

Since there is a lot of mystery surrounding what's involved in writing (and marketing) a bestseller.

I'm going to tell you what's involved, the number of sales involved, and how you can help–if you want. To start, you can help in a very simple way. Like my Susan Copperfield facebook page. (Yeah, it's really that easy. If you're liking my page, you can share preorder link posts and do little things to help!) If possible, recruit a few friends to like my page and help, too.

I'm looking to build an army of minions who can help me become a bestseller on a solo title. I expect to fail. I'm an underdog. I've always been an underdog, and I'll always be an underdog. I'm okay with that. But, nothing ventured is nothing gained, and I'll never forgive myself if I don't at least try.

So, I'm going to share my plan with you. If you're interested in helping, for now, there are a few ways you can make a farfetched dream come true.

#1: You're an author and you want to swap newsletters with me / share the novel to your newsletter on release day (or during its preorder run.)

#2: Buy the book. It'll be $0.99 until a week following its release, after which, the price will increase.

#3: Tell your friends, ask them to buy the book. On release day, if you know some people who would read… gift it to them.

#4: Be involved. Readers, there are so many ways you can help. Buying the book is critical, but so is talking with your reading buddies and sharing the word about the title.

#5: Like Susan Copperfield's facebook page. When preorder links go live, share them with your friends.

So, what's involved with a bestseller run?

Here's where I'm going to reveal some ‘secrets' and break some myths about the bestseller lists. There are two primary lists, USA Today and NY Times. I'm aiming for USA Today, because honestly, to make NY Times, I would need to sell somewhere around 20,000 copies of the book on Amazon, plus an additional 500+ on iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.

Yeah, that's a huge number of books, and I'm not going to make those numbers without a miracle. If this happened to me, it would because I'd stolen someone else's lucky horseshoe and bent over to receive it right up my ass, probably delivered via foot. Ouch.

To make USA Today, I need approximately 5,000 amazon sales and 500 sales on iBooks OR Nook OR Kobo. Ideally, I would have 500 on all three to maximize the odds. (501 is a good and important number.)

So, why 500?

These vendors don't bother reporting sales values to books that don't sell that many in the week reporting cycle. Amazon's number is much higher because that's where the bulk of the sales will happen–you still need the staggering number of sales to make the list.

5,000 + 500 on those other vendors gives me a chance at making the list.

Yeah, that's a bit distressing when I think about it.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how I can possibly get that many sales in such short order. Yeah, I'm wondering, too.

My game plan is, frankly, terrifying when I think about it.

My first method involves approaching a lot of authors who write similar types of stories. In exchange for sharing Huntress, I'll read and review one of their books in my newsletter. Fortunately for me, my cat loves to read, so this won't be a dastardly deed for me to accomplish. However, I'm an honest reviewer, and I will tell my subscribers what I think about the book.

I won't like every book I read, and I'll tell my subscribers why. Yeah, this will bite me in the ass. I expect that.

My second method involves a badass giveaway of a handmade coloring book. I'm undecided if one lucky person will receive *all* the original pages, or if I'll do multiple prize winners and spread the pages around. But, starting next week, after the preorders for ibooks, nook, and kobo go live, I will begin drawing a coloring book page every week or two. I will post a picture of the coloring book page to my page along with a link to the preorders.

Once the book releases, I will give the original coloring book pages away to their new owner(s.)

I will also be doing giveaways for things like a kindle, nook, or some other device with a complete collection of my RJ Blain titles. (That's a lot of books, yo.) The RJ Blain books would be gifted to the recipient. As I'm aiming for a US-based bestseller list, these prizes will only be for US residents. However, I'll definitely toss together something for my international friends so they aren't left out.

I'll probably offer some paperbacks of the first two Susan Copperfield books, too, which will be releasing in February and April.

So, if you've made it this far and want to help me make this a success, here's how you can help!

1: Authors, bloggers, book reviewers: email me at rj . blain . author @ gmail . com (remove spaces, please!) I'll be coordinating a blog tour and newsletter swaps to help spread the word. While I totally understand involving book reviewers will lose me sales, the reviews are supremely helpful on release day, so I'll be giving away some arcs. I will be giving preference to people who are willing to purchase the book, however!)

2: Like the Susan Copperfield facebook page. I will do some form of giveaway each time I hit a milestone number of likes. First one will be at 500 likes!

3: Subscribe to my newsletter. Not only does subscribing get you access to my furry friends who write my newsletter for me, you'll be able to find out important info on the release, get sneak peeks of the book, and otherwise follow me on my writing adventures.

4: When preorders are out, if you can spare the $0.99, please preorder. If you can spare the $0.99 twice, preordering on two platforms (Amazon and one other) is a huge, huge boon to someone trying to make the list.

5: Please play fair. I don't want to cheat my way onto the list. Because of this, while I WILL be doing a paperback run in expanded distribution, I'm not aiming for NY Times. (Yes, I know the system can be gamed. I don't want to game it. I want to be on a list because I played the game straight and true, and that I made the list because I wrote a book people want to read.)

6: Ask your friends and family to grab a copy of the book, and once you've convinced them to get their own copy, talk them into recruiting their friends and family to do the same. Word of mouth is the most important form of book advertising. You, readers, are the most important person when it comes to an effort like this.

All the advertising in the world can't buy fan loyalty, and to those of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin, thank you.

7: Integrity is important to me, and I'd rather not make the lists than make them through unscrupulous fashions. Thank you.

As a final note, while making the NY Times list would reduce me to messy, ugly crying, that would take a miracle within a miracle.

Thank you for listening, and most of all, thank you for your help. No matter how hard I fall on my ass trying, that there have already been people willing to help me make this a reality means a lot to me.

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