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Writer Resources: Reference Books

It isn't uncommon for clients or writers new to the craft to ask me for writing resources. I did a four-book post in the past, but I think it is a good time to update the reference resource pool. This


Writer Resources: Writing to Engage

One of the biggest challenges I face every time I pick up my pen is writing to engage the reader. I'm not just telling a story. I'm not just dancing with my characters in a world of my own creation. I'm


Writer Resource: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a double-edged sword that has sharp pointy bits of death embedded into the grip of the hilt. Even if you manage not to cut yourself on the edge, you run risk of damaging yourself with it


Writer Resource: Absolute Write

Absolute Write is a writing resource that I think all writers should at least be aware of. It isn't a site I use often, but when I am researching agents, publishers, or editors, it is often one of the


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