Rasper’s Repository

Rasper's Repository was one of the greatest guides to playing old-school Everquest. I started using Rasper's lovely, lovely little site when I first started playing, and I continued until the day Rasper retired.

Samanna went down in a blaze of glory today, which means there are no longer any copies of Rasper's Repository available.

Stabby Stabby of Bristlebane (AKA Crysallis) is very happy to present a full copy of the repository from Rasper himself. <– Click this link to download the zip of the guide.

You will need to open the zip and open the index file. According to Rasper, everything should just work.

Have fun!

If you have no technical skills or need access on the fly, you can access the entire repository here as html pages. Enjoy!

Note: I am not responsible for any broken links, including the defunct one to the Handbook thing at the bottom of the guide. All of this is a copy of the last version of Rasper's Repository before Rasper retired, so some things won't work. (I'm just the web host lady… and my name is Stabby Stabby. I like stabbing things, like people who get mad about broken links. What? I'm a rogue. It's what I do.)

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