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The New KDP Select System – Numbers, Performance, and Thoughts: Day 2
Today signifies the second day of KDP Select's new system. We have a shiny new interface, and I totally love[...]
Author Services: KDP Select
In a previous blog post, I discussed my financials. I had several people approach me and ask about January, the[...]
Author Services Guide: Using Amazon's AMS Platform Effectively
This week, I've talked a lot about Amazon's AMS platform, first announcing the system and my hopes for it, as[...]


Writing Workshop: The New and Improved Book Country
Book Country, Penguin's writer's workshop, has undergone extensive changes. The changes are so numerous where updating the old guide is[...]
Writing Workshop: Critique Circle
Critique Circle is a writing workshop site that uses a 'credit' system to encourage users to write critiques in order[...]

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Writer Resources: Reference Books
It isn't uncommon for clients or writers new to the craft to ask me for writing resources. I did a[...]
Writer Resources: Writing to Engage
One of the biggest challenges I face every time I pick up my pen is writing to engage the reader.[...]
Writer Resource: Wikipedia
Wikipedia is a double-edged sword that has sharp pointy bits of death embedded into the grip of the hilt. Even if[...]

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